CIC provides support and counseling to clients irrespective of their gender and sexual orientation who have experienced abuse, physical or psychological, and are undergoing a crisis. It should, therefore, be noted that our counseling services are available even for men, children, and for the LGBTQ community in addition to women and girls. CIC includes services of crisis intervention, intensive and regular counseling, physical and mental healthcare, legal advice and litigation aid, art programs, vocational training, educational and employment assistance, rehabilitation, and housing aid.

Counseling has proven to be an extremely effective method of mitigating the suffering of survivors. Each survivor undergoes various levels of counseling at our organization. In a month, we may conduct as many sessions as necessary for a client. All sessions are designed according to the needs of the individual concerned. The form of counseling is flexible. We prefer counseling in person, however, if the need arises, we conduct counseling over phone calls and pay home visits as well. Counseling needs not be limited to the client. Depending on the case, we, more often than not, include the husband, marital and natal families of the client as well. In the eventuality that a legal case has to be fought in court, we are able to provide lawyers. Survivors may also need assistance in mental and physical health and we provide therapy and treatment for the same.

The aim of counseling is to gauge every aspect of the client’s suffering in order to assist him/her in creating and implementing an informed plan for one’s relief with the client’s participation. The choice and the decision rests entirely with the client concerned. Our role is of facilitation not of dictation.