Global Media Coalition of Persons Against Gender Violence, Human Trafficking and HIV/AIDS

Global Media Coalition of Persons to Fight Against Gender Violence, Human Trafficking and HIV/AIDS is a civil society partnership initiative between Media and Civil Society to commit themselves for a unified fight against some of the dangers that loom large upon our society/ country.

The coalition is a step to join hands, and strengthen and intensify the efforts of two important stakeholders, in fighting the injustice, prevailing in society and in affecting transformation of society in manner to move ahead for a more democratic, Rights based, just and equitable society.

Media the fourth pillar of democracy is an important stake holder in protection and promotion of Rights, exposing and fighting injustice, giving directions to social forces and shaping the social aspirations and patterns. Its contribution to the society are uncountable and its role invaluable. Today the liberalized and free media has emerged as one of the most powerful tool to fight socio-political evils/ injustice, affect empowerment and facilitate development.

The coalition aspires to channelize and streamline the immense potential of media power to inform, empower, train the masses to make them realize their ‘Right’ claims and ‘Responsibilities’ so as to enable them to stand, and assert their ‘Rights’ and claim justified position in society as a valuable individual and responsible citizens.

The coalition looks forward to initiate and practice a new mode of media and public interactions at the grassroots level; where, the responsibility of media does not remains confine to reporting of the fact and situations but to affect transformations by enriching and benefiting the masses by consistently bringing to them an opportunity to interact and work together with the most liberal, democratic, aware and alert sector of the modern democracy setup.

Through the coalition media as a front-runner, aims at taking together the important stakeholders of Rights, in pursuing the dreams of democratic society based on Rights, Equity and Justice and to not only learn from them the basic problems at grassroots in realizing the dream but also involving them and their real aspirations in the process.

It aims at creating a unified national level platform of media persons to act with masses, social activists/ organizations, government and international bodies. It aspires to augment and reinforce the ongoing efforts of different stakeholders in a collaborative and effective manner, by intensely charging of the atmosphere, enhancing the capacities of different stakeholders, infusing sense of responsibility in each and every, causing action to happen and ensuring accountability; in relation to Gender violence/discrimination at various level of socio-political and economic life, trafficking of human beings and HIV/AIDS.


1. Unified Platform

Bringing together all (audio visual and print) the media sections in a unified platform to advocate and work together to intensify the socio-political fight against Gender violence, Trafficking of Human Beings and HIV/AIDS.

2. Expanded Reach

Expanding the reach of coalition at grass roots by involving all vernacular media persons.

3. Charged Atmosphere and Socio-Political Dialogue.

The coalition will make all possible effort and work towards creating an intensely charged socio-political atmosphere and initiate a dialogue on the Protection & Promotion of Rights in relation to the above stated issues.

4. Pressure Groups

  1. The coalition aspires to function as an effective work pressure group and create similar other pressure groups to affect socio-cultural, legal and political transformation to stop the injustices led by Gender Violence, human trafficking and dangers of HIV/AIDS.
  2. It seeks to affect structural changes by influencing the policy and legislative framework through focused approach with respect to above issues.

5. Advocacy

Top to bottom Advocacy across the ladder within the Media.

  1. Advocacy with Masses
  2. Advocacy with Government & Political stakeholders.
  3. Advocacy with Police and Administration.
  4. Advocacy with Legal Fraternity, Bodies and Judiciary.
  5. Advocacy with Corporate.
  6. Advocacy with International Bodies.
  7. Advocacy with Different Countries.

6. Awareness

Awareness of masses and all the above important stakeholders through use of media, workshops, conferences, training’s.

7. Sensitization

Sensitization of masses and all other important stakeholders through use of media, workshops, conferences, training’s.

8. Training

Causing and Undertaking Training of Media Persons and all other stakeholders on the Rights issues.

9. Capacity Building

  1. The coalition will contribute to the capacity building of masses by informing them of the issues and making them aware of their Rights.
  2. It will further reinforce support to their claims of Rights by speaking for them bringing to light any violation of their rights.
  3. Will undertake the capacity building of media persons through training’s and sensitization.

10. Empowerment

Empowerment of the masses with respect to the above stated issues through awareness, information and speaking for their Rights is the broad objective and focus of the coalition.

11. Right Protection and Promotion

  1.  Protection of the Rights of the holders by means of direct interventions.
  2. Promotion of the Rights across the various culture groups, communities and societies by use of media power to report, monitor & influence.

12. Action

The coalition will highlight the instances of violations of Rights in reference to the above issue with prominence and cause action by authorities and appropriate duty bearers on such violations.

13. Accountability

  1. The coalition will undertake vigilant role to sit upon monitoring of the violation of Rights and the role and responsibilities of the duty bearers to act upon and perform.
  2.  It will also evaluate the performances of various stakeholders & duty bearers in effectively discharging their role and responsibilities.