Amit Kumar Satapathy

Criminologist and Social Activist with an experience to rescue human trafficking victims and provide legal, psychological and financial support to victims of rape, sexual violence and acid attack.I am Professional Criminologist trained in crime prevention, policing and criminal psychology with numbers of years experience in conducting raid and rescuing human trafficking victims and providing them justice. I am skilled in analytical research and critical thinking to solve and given problems with stipulated time. I am Founder and CEO of Action Against Violence a youth led organisation to end gender based violence and promote gender equality and achieve UNITED NATION’s SDG. I am most passionate about changing our society and making it safe and secure for every women where they can move freely without fearing of being harassed or raped. I want to make our country and change the perspective of the world that India is not a safe country for women. Its the duty of every citizen but very less are doing something about it. I cannot be a bystander and silently see and hear t he news that everyday 4 women are raped on a average in our country. I am Passionate about preventing crimes and providing justice to victims of gender based violence.